Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Iphone 5

 The iPhone 5  will be released in September 2011, its presentation was made on June 6 last. The keynote of Apple's iPhone 5 was we delivered a total of 200 new additions that could make iPhone users be glad. Here is a summary of the main novelties.
- A new notification system: Will be solved the problems of push notifications by implementing the "Notifications Center", a module accessible from anywhere just by dragging the top of the screen down.
- Also on the homepage, no need to drag your finger down for just slider notifications to open an application as all notifications will be posted on lockscreen.
- A real stand newspapers: with the "Newsstand", it is possible to subscribe and receive all the newspapers and the latest issues and read them directly on your iPhone, as well as access to a shop to buy or subscribe to other magazines.
- Better resolution: iPhone 5 has a better screen resolution
- A larger screen: iPhone 5 has a wide screen whose diagonal may be between 4 and 5 inches
- Safari: Safari Reader will download a page with its contents and images in full screen; Reading List will put aside to read later links and tabs provide access to several pages more easily.
- Twitter: fully integrated iOS 5, it will now be possible anywhere Tweeter log in once, as well as share photos, videos, and other locations.
- A camera even more powerful: if iPhone 4 is equipped with a 5 MP camera, iPhone 5 will be with 8 megapixel or more, with an ability to save videos to 1080p FULL HD
- The Photos application will be accessible from the Lock Screen no longer need to unlock via the small button at the bottom right. In addition, the volume button above will take pictures. It is also possible to zoom in by pinching the screen of the iPhone. And finally, the photos can be edited directly from the iPhone via the Images application.
- 3D Display: The screen of the iPhone 5 could read the images / videos 3D, with or without glasses.
- The Mail application has been improved with a possible move to "drag and drop" the email addresses, with options for more complete edition, type, underline, bold italicize.
- No need cable to connect iPhone to a computer: updates, backups and Synchronies will no son.
- Sharing of scores with Game Center: This application will share scores with friends and even friends of friends, get recommendations from friends, recommendations games or buy games directly from the Game Center.
- IMessage, a personal messaging system with which it will be possible to send photos, videos, contacts, and also receipts, accused of reading and notifications in real time.
- More RAM: if iPhone 4 has 512 MB of RAM, iPhone w5 ill have a  GB
- Two SIM cards: it could be as iPhone will have 2 5 "slots" for 2 SIM cards to be used simultaneously.
It remains to discover many other new applications and functions of  the presentation iphone 5, which will end the rumors.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Apple / Samsung: the war continues between the two firms

New episode in the legal battle between Samsung and Apple.
The Korean consumer electronics has indeed ask to see the future of the firm's flagship products for Apple, in this case, the iPhone and iPad 5 3.

This request, rather surprising at first, comes after the decision last week by a U.S. judge who ordered Samsung to provide some of its products (Galaxy Tab 10.1, Tab Galaxy 8.9, S Galaxy II, Brews and 4G Droid Charge ) to Apple's legal teams who will be able to scrutinize for signs of plagiarism and other violations of patents.

Samsung has decided to retaliate by asking in turn to see the future Apple products. Remains whether or not those wills accede to this request.meantime, one thing is certain, the situation seems more and more tense between the two firms. So far, Samsung was one of the leading suppliers of components for mobile devices firm to Apple. The trials of both sides may well put an end to these partnerships.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The intelligent keyboard on iPhone

The keyboard of the iPhone, especially iPhone ranked 4 is intelligent because it accelerates the seizure, suggests words, correct spelling, punctuation and add inserts apostrophes. It is as if a keyboard of a PC or laptop. In addition, the iPhone keyboard is different for each application, it is even possible to type in their own language.
Apple has designed for iPhone and iPad intelligent keyboards, multi-use and customizable.
Consider first the text entries for this iPhone, to accelerate the capture, watching what you type, a comparison with its integrated dictionary and suggests words or make corrections as and as you type and it even includes in his dictionary the words you use often. The iPhone keyboard even recognize that such expression must contain an apostrophe, so he inserts. And punctuation, just tap 2 times the space bar, and the point is inserted, and the next sentence will start with a capital letter. Moreover, it is also possible to insert (cut copy paste) images or texts recovered on the Web to do so, simply touch the screen 2 times. And finally, for inserting special characters, it must ". ? 123 "and another keypad appears. For navigation, a button ". Com" automatically appears on the keyboard to make entering domain names, and for writing an email, the @ key is also displayed automatically.
In terms of numbers, they appear to form a full keyboard, that is to say, as a traditional phone. And the implementation timetable, the iPhone keyboard automatically displays the date and time with a wheel clockwise.
Currently, over 40 international language provisions exist, the iPhone keyboard adapts to all situations, especially with the character recognition that allows the finger to draw a character (especially Chinese) and then see it appear on the results screen and choose the matching result.
Note that it is possible to customize your iPhone keyboard for that, just download it. Caution, however, before replacing the keyboard with a keyboard theme taken from the web, first copy the original on your PC.
Finally, if you prefer to work on an external keyboard, the iPhone 4 allows to do so provided that the external keyboard in question is wireless and Bluetooth.